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Cradley Church Survey 2020


Cradley church invites you to complete this short survey in order to learn more about how you view our church in your life, whether through worship, the historic building, family links or the beautiful churchyard.

Question 1

The church and its presence is a relevant and important part of village life.

Disagree Undecided Agree

Question 2 – Social Events

It is essential that the church building and grounds are used for social occasions; concerts, plays, fairs and other events.

Disagree Undecided Agree

Question 3 – Churchyard

a) It is important that the churchyard continues to be well maintained

Disagree Undecided Agree

b) The churchyard is important to me for personal reasons

Disagree Undecided Agree

c) I would like to volunteer in its upkeep, on a voluntary basis

Disagree Undecided Agree

Question 4 - Family and children’s services/activities

a) It is important that there are regular services focusing on families and children

Disagree Undecided Agree

b) I would like to volunteer to help organise/assist in family services.

Yes No

Question 5 – Types of current services

a) I feel welcome at services at Cradley church

Disagree Undecided Agree

b) I enjoy the variety of services used at Cradley church

Disagree Undecided Agree

c ) I enjoy the variety of hymns and music used at Cradley church

Disagree Undecided Agree

d.i) My preference would be for a more modern service

Disagree Undecided Agree

d.ii) My preference would be for a more traditional service, eg Book of Common Prayer

Disagree Undecided Agree

e) What changes could we make which would encourage you to attend services at Cradley church?

Question 6 – Community groups/connections

Of which of the following church groups and linked activities are you aware?

Not Aware Aware Need further information I take part in this group / activty
The PCC (Parochial Church Council)
Cradley C of E VA School
CMS Bell Ringers
CMS Visiting Group
CMS Prayer Chain
CMS Newsletter
Christians Together
Christian Aid
Local Ministry Group
Mtwara, Tanzania Hereford Deanery link
Mothers Union
Open the Book, Cradley VA School
Ledbury Food bank
Other charities

Question 7 – Sources of information

Of which of the following sources of information are you aware?

Not Aware Aware Refer to frequently
CMS Newsletter
Cradley church Facebook
Other websites which include information about Cradley Church
Village Notice Boards
Weekly Cradley church eNews sent by email

Question 8 – Parish Giving

Cradley church relies on all those who generously give of their time, their talents and their money to support its work, whether within the community or caring for its historic building and the surrounding churchyard.

Are you aware that you are able to contribute to the work of Cradley church through a Parish Giving Scheme?

Aware Not Aware Would like more information


We might like to contact you to talk more about your survey response.

If you are happy for us to contact you, please provide us with you telephone number or email address.

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We wish to enhance the relevance of Cradley church within our community and thank you for taking time to complete this survey and for sharing your views, opinions and suggestions with us.